Rapidly identify and understand application security vulnerabilities

Detect application vulnerabilities before they become a problem, remediate them when they are still cheap to fix, and manage regulatory compliance.

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Imagine the impact on your business if mission-critical applications were brought down by security vulnerabilities, when your customers had just begun to increase their interaction with you via Mobile and Web applications.

With so many Super Heroes around you’d be forgiven for feeling totally safe and secure but danger lurks around every corner… Fear not – HCL AppScan delivers best in class security testing tools so that your business, and your customers, are not vulnerable to attack. 

HCL AppScan on Cloud

Cloud based application security testing which will perform static, dynamic and interactive testing on web, mobile and open source software.

HCL AppScan on Cloud provides a suite of security testing tools, which willI detect pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitate remediation.

HCL AppScan on Cloud enables shift-left security by eliminating vulnerabilities during development, prior to software deployment.

Powerful management capabilities enable security professionals as well as developers, DevOps and compliance officers to monitor the security of their applications and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

HCL AppScan Enterprise

Large scale, multi user and multi application dynamic application security testing (DAST) enabling you to identify, understand and remediate vulnerabilities, and achieve regulatory compliance.

HCL AppScan Enterprise delivers scalable application security testing and risk management capabilities which will help enterprises manage risk and compliance.

HCL AppScan allows security and DevOps teams to collaborate, build policies, and carry out testing throughout the application development lifecycle.

Management dashboards enable businesses to classify and prioritise their application assets according to business impact and identify the most critical vulnerabilities with the highest risk to the organisation.

HCL AppScan Enterprise has a REST interface which enables integration with many automation tools to provide seamless integration with DevOps’ CI/CD pipelines.


HCL AppScan Standard

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) that will help to identify, understand and remediate vulnerabilities in web applications.

HCL AppScan Standard is a dynamic application security testing tool specifically designed for security experts and penetration testers.

HCL AppScan uses a powerful scanning engine to automatically crawl the target application, testing for vulnerabilities.

Test results are prioritised and displayed in a manner that allows the user to triage issues quickly and focus on the most critical vulnerabilities found. Remediation is simplified by following the clear and actionable fix recommendations for the issues detected. Consequently, on going testing and risk assessment of web services and applications will help to prevent a damaging security breach.

HCL AppScan Source

Static application security testing (SAST) solution that will assist in identifying vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle, understanding their origin and impact and remediating the problem.

HCL AppScan Source enables businesses to develop more secure software, and reduce costly vulnerabilities that often surface late in the development lifecycle.

By performing security testing earlier in the development cycle (known as shift left security) HCL AppScan will reduce risk exposure and associated remediation costs.

HCL AppScan Source utilises machine learning based Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) technology to provide customers with the ability to quickly identify critical security vulnerabilities and determine the best measures for remediation. As a result, late incurred costs in the development cycle or production are avoided.

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HCL Domino & HCL Appscan - Fighting together to keep your Application Environment Secure

We all know that HCL Domino provides the most secure Application Environment but did you know that using HCL AppScan provides an additional level of security by identifying vulnerabilities in your environment, enabling effective remediation.

Intec have been busy testing the security of HCL Domino Applications by running various applications, environments and scenarios through HCL AppScan Cloud, with some interesting results. It’s clear that the battle to maintain a totally secure environment is on-going as weapons used to attack are being continually enhanced. It is no different in a HCL Domino environment and we have seen clear examples of loopholes that have come about with either initial server set up or updates applied to versions of operating systems or HCL Domino servers.

The good news is that we have yet to find a reported vulnerability that cannot be resolved by the versatile and resilient nature of HCL Domino and settings that can be changed within.

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ARE YOU READY for best-in-class application security testing at your fingertips?

HCL AppScan delivers an entire suite of security testing tools, including static, dynamic and interactive testing for web, mobile and open source software. It will detect pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitate remediation.

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