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Are your IT security and operations teams struggling with discovering and continuously keeping their endpoints compliant and secure?

HCL BigFix is the only endpoint management platform that enables your teams to fully automate discovery, management and remediation – whether it's on-premise, internet connected, physical, virtual, or cloud – regardless of operating system, location or connectivity.

HCL Big Fix has 6 unique superpowers which set it aside from other solution providers, providing a reduction in risk while cutting operational costs, compressing endpoint management cycles, continuously enforcing compliance in real-time, improving productivity, and enhancing the organisation’s security posture.

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HCL BigFix Compliance


HCL BigFix Lifecycle

Sale and other endpoints – all using a single,
intelligent agent

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HCL BigFix Insights

Data, rich reporting, and integration with your existing Business Intelligence tools.

HCL BigFix Inventory

Usage analysis
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HCL BigFix Modern Client Management


HCL BigFix Work From Home

Management of an increasing mobile workforce

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HCL Domino & HCL BigFix - A Deadly Duo

We all know that HCL Domino provides the most secure Application Environment, but did you know that using AppScan provides an additional level of security by helping to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in your HCL Domino server environment?
Areas where HCL BigFix Compliance can help HCL Domino customers include:

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HCL and Intec would like to offer you a no cost 90 day trial of 25 server licenses for HCL BigFix Compliance Management

Also, at the end of the trial if more than $10k is invested in HCL BigFix Compliance Management licenses, HCL will provide $10k of licenses for free.


Are You Continuously Compliant? Can You Prove It?

Endpoint Management Simplified

HCL BigFix Endpoint Management Datasheet

FIND more. FIX more. DO more.

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